Photo: Rufus Albemarle

LEAP is Lord Vanger’s sixth album. Previously, Vanger worked under the name Operatica and was signed to label Emagine Music, releasing three albums in the US selling over 300,000 copies. Songs from the series, which combined opera with electronica, reached #9 on the US Billboard Dance Charts, #5 on the US Crossover Charts and #1 on iTunes. The tracks were widely used in TV shows, most notably during the finale of Queer As Folk and in America’s Top Model starring Tyra Banks. One of the songs, Mon Amour, helmed Volume X of the iconic Buddha Bar series and was one of the title tracks in Jane Campion’s film “Hideous Kinky”.

Vanger got his break in music working in John Taylor’s (Duran Duran) studio in Los Angeles. There he was part of the production team behind Roxy Music tribute album “Dream Home Heartaches: Remaking/Remodeling Roxy Music”, playing piano, drums and vocals. He also worked as a Pro Tools and drum engineer for Macy Gray, Sade sideband Sweetback and on the New Radicals seminal pop album “Maybe You’ve Been Brainwashed Too”. It was during that period in LA that Vanger learned to combine digital sampling with analogue recording techniques. This discovery has defined the sound of all of Vanger’s work since. Strong song-writing, backed by top live musicians and layered with electronica, LEAP is the distillation of that philosophy.

Vanger is a music producer and director at Sixième Son. He lives in London with his wife and son.